South Beach: Before And After Irma 2017

Many left the island of Miami Beach in fear of this storm being a catastrophic Cat 5 storm when it would land in South Florida. We stayed and I documented from the back of a scooter in fear. This would have been a great time to get some more creative or editorial shots of the surroundings, but I was nervous of the what was about to happen.

What: The before and after of Hurricane Irma 2017 in Miami Beach
When: Between September 8 and September 10th 2017
Where: South Beach
Photographed for myself#

On 5th and Ocean Drive.

National news in town, NBC’s Lester Holt getting the story.

Wet Willies.

Still open just in case.

.ational, NBC News prepping for a live shot and story about the storm heading to South Florida.

Mangos Miami Beach.

Club Madonna in Miami Beach.

No longer will sandbags help the water rise from a storm. Flood barriers were used during Irma 2018

The Betsey Hotel South Beach.

Havana 1957 on EspaƱola Way in South Beach.

305 till they die.

Club Duce is one of the last to close and first to open in South Beach after a storm. It was packed inside hours before it started to get ugly.

After the storm on Jefferson Avenue.

After the storm on Meridian Avenue.

No power after Irma and feeling the cabin fever, people begin to walk around as soon as the winds begin to die down.